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TCA Orange Peel

An Aggressive Facial Peel to Treat Aging and Sun Damaged Skin.

Skin Essentials is thrilled to offer TCA Orange Peel in Denver, Colorado. A more aggressive procedure designed to treat light to medium skin tones with signs of aging, scarring, sun spots and a host of conditions, TCA Orange Peel is the single application procedure designed to reveal a new, younger-looking you. Utilizing a concentrated trichloroaecetic acid, the TCA Orange Peel can be tailored to meet your specific skin care needs.

Your TCA Orange Peel procedure will provide dramatic results and drastic improvement to the damaged areas of your skin.

Is a TCA Orange Peel Right For Me?


If you suffer from weathered or dull skin, wrinkles, scarring, discoloration, age spots, acne, excessive oil, excessive clogged pores, freckles, blotchy pigmentation or sun spots, you may be a candidate for a TCA Orange Peel.


New, younger-looking skin is revealed by utilizing a highly concentrated exfoliator, or chemical peel. Dead skin cells are removed from the surface, encouraging the production and regeneration of new cells.


The TCA Orange Peel smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, removes post-acne scars and creates balanced skin and tone. TCA is an intermediate to deep peeling solution that can be tailored to meet the needs of individual patients.


What can I expect during my TCA Peel?


Pain medication or a light sedative may be utilized before or during a TCA Peel, as you may experience a slight burning sensation when the solution is applied to your skin. The chemical exfoliates the surface layer, revealing a brand new layer of skin.


During the procedure, your skin may turn slightly red as the peel begins to take effect. As the dead skin cells are sloughed off, clear, taut skin is revealed. Following the treatment, iced saline is applied to reduce potential discomfort. Within the hour, your skin will return to its normal color and a protective, hydrating ointment will be applied.


You may look slightly sunburned during the day following your TCA Orange Peel and on day two, you will appear lightly tanned. Over the course of the following days, your skin will begin to peel and the brand new skin will be revealed. Achieving the best results includes applying sun protection and resisting the temptation to remove flaking skin. You may also experience slight swelling, burning and discomfort.


If you believe you may be a candidate, and are seeking TCA Orange Peel in Denver, CO call Skin Essentials today.




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